When things get in the way

reikiprecepts I lost access to my on-line astrology software.  I couldn’t access my clients charts for over a week now.  In my world everything is connected in a web of meaning.  So I had to shift gears and wonder what the blockage was.  As I meditated and continued to work with clients I realized the astro charts were getting in the way of the work.  And quite frankly I would be exhausted at the end of many sessions.  Energetically this is a key that I am doing something wrong.

What really IS astrology?  It is a symbolic system that is based in reality (mathematical interpretations of literal events). As I continued to contemplate the loss of access to charts and still working my work became much more fun.  There was no more exhaustion.  What I opened to was a whole new way of working with my clients.  A whole new way of mentoring became available once I dropped the way I had been doing things.

Not that I’m leaving astrology! I love it and find it an invaluable tool to assist.  It offers the soul map and is far too accurate to abandon.  But it will take a back seat to what is in front of me….you.  Opening my heart to the person, to the moment has proven much more rewarding. Then I pull in all the tools instead of focusing on just one of many effective techniques.

Along the way to this realization I was required to journey for myself.  Journeying is a tool to walk in the realm of metaphor.  I found there a piece of my heart that had been abandoned.  It was actually almost dead.  Journeying is like a waking dream.  It’s one of the tools I use with clients to reclaim parts of themselves.  It’s called many things in many different systems, and it is very effective and very ancient. As I journeyed for myself this part of myself that I had lost was my tenderness.  I had retreated into the intellect and left my heart, my softness abandoned.  The over emphasis on the astrology chart, data, was a barrier. In reclaiming this part of myself I returned to myself the ability to be completely open hearted.  No longer detached and abrasively intellectual.  Allowing my softness, to step front and center.  How long I’ve been ashamed of my easiness to tears.  I cry very quick and have tremendous empathy.  To this point I think I needed the dichotomy.  But now I’ve been restored to full functioning in a way 🙂

Tonight is an alignment of the Earth, Saturn and the Sun.  Journey for yourself, or journal or do a soul collage.  Align your energetic bodies, integrate your soul (sun) with your work (Saturn) and make that the reality (earth).  Embody, bring to earth the vocation that feeds your soul.

One of the tools I use regularly is Haydn’s vedic astrology reading.  I get it daily in my in-box.  It cost around $10 for the year.  Everyday you will get a heads up for your health and what energies are activated.  I highly recommend it.  Here is the link to subscribe for yourself.  I recently sent a subscription to my son.  It has proven very helpful for us to begin our day together.


To experience a guided journey or to begin a spiritual mentoring program call me or shoot me an email.

Until then, namaste, Laura


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