Omens, Synchronicity and Sound


Yoga is a life science.  It is far beyond an exercise class.  For me the exercise came last.  I came to the physical practice many years meditating and studying sacred scriptures.  Having said that, I love asana practice now and needed that embodiment coming from a seriously intellectual headspace.

After I had become a certified yoga teacher I had a dream to pursue studying astrology and working with angels.  The angels in the dream showed me two telescopes looking at the stars.  As I worked with the dream imagery I determined to study both Eastern and Western astrology.  This dream came as a time when I was seriously contemplating pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology.  The dream maker was pretty specific to go this way.  So I did.

Fast forward many years.  Astrology in the science of yoga is one of the main branches.  The study of yoga is really about understanding the nature of reality through consciousness.

Angels are the architects of nature.  Everything has an angel.  And my understanding is that as angels progress they become guardian angels of people then planets then galaxies.  A chair has an angel, an energetic being that holds its potential and nurtures its beingness as a chair. Angels might also be known as Saints, or Guides or Light Beings, Avatars or Masters.  The planetary beings in yoga are the angels we astrologers seek to be in relationship with.  Then there are the angels of the lunar mansions, or devas, another term for angel.  The ancient texts Christian, Hebrew, Islamic & Eastern talk about the hierarchy of angels in a little different way than I am, but the progression is there.

As an astrologer seeking to get into relationship with the planetary angels I have begun a year long chanting practice. I meditate first on God.  I then chant to the planetary being that rules the day.  Sunday is the Sun, Monday the Moon, Tuesday Mars, Wednesday Mercury, Thursday Jupiter, Friday Venus, Saturday Saturn.  Then I chant to Saturn everyday because I just began a Saturn transit.  I had intended to chant 213 days, 108 times to the daily angel and then Saturn.  Therapeutically one is recommended to chant 23,000 times to Saturn if one were entering into the relationship with Saturn.  But the Angels stepped in and requested I commit to a whole year.  So I will.

I am only 9 days into my chanting year but already synchronicity and omens are occurring.  First of all Saturn is no joke.  It occurred to me this morning I am walking where angels fear to tread, so to speak.  This morning I was driving to go for a walk and a crow flew directly in front of my car.  I had to brake it was so close.  Then when I got to the walk there at the beginning of the path was a crows feather.  Angels frequently use birds for communication.  I picked up the feather for my alter and immediately two crows came cawing and landed above me in the trees.  Saturn is here.  Driving home from the walk two birds playing or mating were flying around, again in front of my car, they were not paying attention and one was hit and the other swooshed up over the windshield.  I hope the other bird recovered.  I saw it flutter to the ground behind me but it may have made it.

At the inception of this Saturn dasha/transit I had crows and ravens in my yard.  I didn’t think too much about it because I live on the river and have a lot of wildlife.  But then for the first time in the thirty years I have lived here I had crows getting into my trash every night for a week.

Crows are, if you haven’t figured it out already, Saturn’s bird.  I was recently inspired to make a sculpture of Saturn.  The crow is behind him.

Saturn in the Eastern system is the son of the Sun.  Saturn is needed to calm and chasten the ego.  He is needed to bring moderation and seriousness.  (the two birds flying and not paying attention where put in harms way were lacking a Saturn balance). Wherever Saturn is in your chart he has brought delays, obstruction and grief.  I have had Saturn sitting on my Sun my whole life.  It aspects my Sun in my third house.  I have been oppressed and held down and had to wait my whole adult life.  It has been very frustrating.  But I had been a student of astrology well before I had the dream so I knew where Saturn was and that I was being schooled and disciplined.  My moon is also ruled by Saturn.  I have gone without, I have been patient, I have also thrown cosmic temper tantrums in frustration. But finally as my 50th year dawns the positive to Saturn approaches.  Whereas in the first part of life I had to be harnessed, in this part of my life I have been so disciplined I am ready to be let loose.  My gifts are such that one needs to be very careful.  To be an astrologer is a very big responsibility.  To be a yoga mentor is a big responsibility.  Guiding the spiritual journey of others is not something to be taken lightly.

Every tough lesson has a spiritual purpose.  I’ve built some serious psychological/spiritual muscle.  So does everyone who walks this earth walk.

Namaste my friends.


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