Life in the movies

Many years ago I had a series of dreams where I was watching my life as a movie.  My psyche/soul/inner guru was trying to get through to me that this life is just a projection of consciousness.  This isn’t who we are, and this knowledge should provide some levity and ability to detach.

Projection is a fundamental action of the psyche.  All relationships begin with projection.  You meet someone and fall in love, you meet someone and really like them, or hate them.  When there is emotion involved it is always projection.  Otherwise your are neutral.  So you meet someone and become great friends.  Or seek to become friends.  What is happening is usually projection.  There is something this person represents for you that you want to integrate within yourself.  As the years go by you mature and begin to evolve into that quality.  Suddenly you’re no longer so enamored of the person.  This process could take years or months .  Anyway you no longer want to be with them as much, or you don’t feel as excited about the prospect of spending time with them.  This is where the projection falls and you are left with the real person.  You see them with all their humanness.  What is also happening is you are finally owning what they held for you and integrating that quality.  When this happens in a marriage it can be devastating and it is usually when divorce happens.  Or if your conscious it is the beginning of being in real relationship, with a real person instead of the projection.

The same is true in the dream world.  When you dream about someone, it is not the literal person but what they represent for you psychically or a better word might be energetically.  Especially when you are having sex with someone in a dream.  This really freaks people out.  But it is about the psyche/soul REALLY wanting you to integrate the energy that person is holding for you. You don’t literally want to have sex with the person.

Dreams hold four functions.  They are a compensation.  Meaning if you were really depressed during the day, your dream maker will give you an uplifting dream – and vice versa.  There are psychic snapshot dreams.  These are where your simply processing and getting images that reflect what is going on with you in this now moment.  There are healing dreams.  Dreams that will give you specific direction for your healing, what you need to do to heal.  And there are rarely precognitive dreams where you see what will happen in the future, usually for someone else.  I have had a couple instances where I have had a dream for a client.  This would fall into that class, kind of. A lot of people say they don’t have dreams.  This is not possible.  Everyone dreams every night you just don’t value or work with the dreams so you don’t remember them.  If you began to want to you would, and wow what a valuable asset this is.

Yoga is all about mastering this inner world of images-mastering the mind/consciousness. When we get into harmony with our inner world our outer world reflects that.  Dream work, astrology, mythology are all ways to understand the language of the soul.  Myths are stories about how the psyche works. Getting into the archetypes gets you into communication with your dream maker, with your soul Self. The practices of yoga are energetic practices that help to balance these archetypal forces.  Chanting mantras/asanas/meditation/concentration all put you into relationship with your own nature and that of the cosmos.

There is just a little part of you incarnate here.  This isn’t who you are.  We choose to forget our larger Self to participate in this projection of consciousness.  But we are always sending ourselves reminders. Dreams are a valuable tool for communication and the astrology chart is the map you left for yourself.

My clients participate in dream work and astro-psychology – learning the language of the soul.  It’s a beautiful journey into the realms of the inner world.

Astrology is the archetypes as manifested by you. An archetype is a strong energy that cannot be denied. Because the world is not chaos, because we incarnate with a plan, we are given the map through our astrology chart.

When you start to study and work with this language of the soul, you eventually see it everywhere.  You can be talking to someone and suddenly know that their leonine energy is on display within their work environment but their cancerian energy is stimulated in their friendships.  We incarnate into these bodies and armor ourselves with the archetypal energies to play here. But we are not the energies or personalities.

Furthermore these plays are all with our friends.  It’s a small world indeed.  There is no coincidence the family, town, people and even pets that populate your life.

I was recently thinking and talking about my dogs.  I once had two cats Harvey and Norman that I loved very much.  When they both died within 6 months of each other I was very heartbroken.  My Norman was a wild cat that loved to roam wide and run and be outside.  If he had to be inside, usually in winter, he would always sleep on my pillow.  Now I have two dogs Marley and Luna.  Luna sleeps on my pillow, Marley sleeps at my feet or back.  Both are incarnations of my beloved cats.  While they many not be the exact same, they are most certainly of the family of consciousness and show remarkably similar traits.  They both physically and temperamentally resemble their former selves.

In the larger esoteric teaching we understand we are incarnate in more than one place at a time.  But that’s a story for another time.

In yoga class we have been talking about the nature of death.  How death is simply a remembering of who you really are.  You assess and then incarnate again, with the same people and pets you have always known and loved.  There is no death, just a change of clothes. It’s all just a movie, a play of consciousness.  So don’t mourn those who have gone before, pray for them as you did in life. Keep them close and look for when they will come again.

If you would like to learn more about this book a session in person or via skype. or have an astrology reading. I love being on this journey and guiding selves back to their Souls.  The work is to start to be conscious of the nature of psyche/mind and to master your archetypal field through yoga, which is primarily a head game! Roll the projector 🙂

Namaste, Laura


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