Vacation & a cleanse

I am officially on vacation. My son and I are driving across country with my Mom while my husband holds down the home front. Our first stop is a Hindu temple in Albany, NY for Darshan with Sai Maa. After that we have a full itinerary that includes a 65 acre sculpture park in St. Louis! The Grand Canyan, Rodeo Drive and Tijuana!

All yoga classes are covered except Thursday 5:30pm September 7th. We fly back Sept 13th

Upon return I am planning an Ayurvedic cleanse. It’s a simple 3 to 5 day cleanse eating just kitchari. This dish is traditional for healing the gut/digestion. It is traditional fasting food. While those things don’t seem to go together they do. This fast is from everything except this dish. It has tremendous healing abilities and is used extensively in ayurvedic healing. I’m including the recipe so you can get the recipe ingredients and join me if you choose.

This dish is used for people on a spiritual quest. It is considered a Sattvic food -one that will help bring pure thoughts.

The yellow Dahl is hard to come by locally -I have ordered mine online.

This cleanse helps to detoxify the fat sells. It also helps burn fat safely by still feeding your body. This way your body doesn’t go into starvation mode and hold onto the fat.



1 cup split yellow mung dahl beans*

¼ – ½ cup long grain white or white basmati rice

1 tbsp fresh ginger root

1 tsp each: black mustard seeds, cumin, and turmeric powder

½ tsp each: coriander powder, fennel and fenugreek seeds

3 cloves

3 bay leaves

7-10 cup water

½ tsp salt (rock salt is best)

1 small handful chopped fresh cilantro leaves

Can add steamed vegetables or lean meat when not cleansing, or for extra blood sugar support during a cleanse

I shared with you last year I was in a major transition moving from a Jupiter dasha into a Saturn dasha. Jupiter in my second house with Venus rules sweets. During that transit I became obsessed with baking as many of you know. Now that I’ve moved into my Saturn transit which aspect my sixth house -as predicted- I am moving into a major cleansing -clean food and exercise mode. Sixth house rules health and dietary practices. Medical professionals generally have a pronounced sixth house. So I’ve moved from the second house which rules everything that you put into your mouth and baking as well as everything that comes out of your mouth like speech and things of that nature into the sixth house which is very health oriented.

I’m always grateful to see the cycles that are coming. I knew what this transit was going to hold. One of the things I will have to be careful of is to not become too fanatical in regards to diet/exercise and my yoga practice.

Saturn aspects the Sun in my third house. I am very much moved to writing more , in particular on Mercury ruled Wednesday 😊 I expect to be writing more over this 20 year cycle. Until next time-

Namaste 🙏🏻 Laura


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