Wisdom of the stars & Upcoming Events

Tracking events through the astrology chart is a passion.  If I read your chart regularly I also study your chart as I continue to delve into the wisdom of the stars.  When something happens in your life I note it on your chart.

Astrology as a science requires a lot of research.  Noting events helps me track and understand better the planetary energies.  It obviously helps me with more accurate predictions.

My recent dasha (cycle) has shifted.  For the past 16 years I have written about this Jupiter transit that I have been in.  I am now in a Saturn transit that aspects my Virgo Sun.  I am making lists, becoming more efficient, creating charts to track your astrological data.  Things that were not even on the radar during that Jupiter transit.  Proficiency, research, and health practices have all become focuses.

Things astrologically continue to be hairy until the month shifts.  But if you are doing your work, if you are being present, that tension can become a dance.

My old friend Lynne Rothney-Kozlak is teaching Let Your Yoga Dance at Jai Yoga in Brunswick the 3rd Saturday of each month from 1-2:30pm.  Jai Yoga is in the old mill building #314F Fort Andross 14 Main St Brunswick.  You can register at http://www.JaiYogaHome.com  But I was thinking it would be fun to get a group together to go.  So message me if you want to go in November on the 18th.  It would be a yoga day.  9am Restorative yoga at the Senator followed by breakfast in the dining room and then head to Brunswick for Let Your Yoga Dance!

Our friend Janet Parker Sawyer is Teaching Yoga Nidra Nov 4- Dec 2 4:30pm – 5:30pm a 4 part series for deep relaxation.  You can check it out at http://www.downtownyogame.com and let Janet guide you to deep relaxation and healing.

And my big event is my art open house with 3 wonderful friends this Friday night 5-7pm at River Arts West Gallery in Damriscotta.  I would be honored if you came and witnessed my art.  The gallery is right on Route 1 so don’t get off to go into downtown Damriscotta!

A few people have talked to me about the Kitchari cleanse.  I found it to be pretty amazing as did those of you who tried it.  The recipe is still on my blog if you want to give it a go.  It’s a wonderful rest for your system.  It increases the sattvic (pure) qualities and restores vata ((dosha or element) to its balanced place allowing you to experience more peace.

I have to admit I have been a little freaked out this month.  There has been so much intense violence, natural disasters keep mounting, and a state of general crisis in the air.  I was reading Dr. David Frawley last night.  He is a renowned Vedic Astrologer.  In yoga there are world ages that the astrologers of India have been tracking for thousands of years.  Dr. Frawely has written about our current world age.  There is a cosmic alignment that “indicates a harmonization of humanity with the Divine…” This will create a more spiritual culture but not without bumps and bruises along the way.  This is a significant shift in history.  Anyone who has tried to break a bad habit knows it comes raging up in an effort to maintain its psychic energy.  The current level of chaos and crises could be explained in this way.  It is normal at times that right when you are getting ready to make a big change internally/psychically that you have a nightmare.  The nightmare is the energy of the negative psychological state making one last gasp.  These things are living psychic beings so to speak and they don’t want to loose their power.  So they come raging before they extinguish. Our world seems to be in a similar state.  I would encourage everyone to turn to one of the limbs of yoga Pratyahara, sensory withdrawal.  Turn off the news.  Don’t watch t.v. or listen to music unless it is uplifting.  This is a good time to really become discerning about what you allow into your consciousness.  If we are all atoms or cells within the cosmic body, your choices affect the whole.  As you become peace and healthy so do all the beings/cells around you.

Venus and Mars have moved into Virgo together.  This could mean you become really picky and argumentative with your partners or  you take that energy and make healthy choices together and engage in health practices for your relationships on every level.  Go on a diet together, exercise together, but most importantly be aware of what you are allowing into your consciousness.  Reading sacred literature together would be a brilliant way to dance through this tension filled time.

I’m available as always for guidance through all the stages of time.  Nature moves slowly and understanding your cycles is very empowering.  For an astrology appointment or guidance email/phone or text.

Namaste, Laura



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