Is it you or your human nature?

I consider myself a novice astrologer.  Vedic astrology is so complex that it is said it takes many lifetimes to master.  Being the maybe second lifetime astrologer I am, I marvel at the accuracy as I study charts.  Last night I was inputting data into a program and saw how one of my clients started a Venus dasha (transit) in August.  In August he met his new love.  Venus rules love, particularly females in a males chart.  This guy has Venus ruling his 7th house of marriage and partnerships in his Navamsa chart.  The Navamsa chart is different from the natal chart.  It is the fruits of the natal chart.  The changes in divisional charts and the dashas and show us what may occur. Things do change in astrology, though the seeds remain. I recommend if you aren’t meeting with me regularly for counsel to check in every six months.

Being blown away by the accuracy constantly, it occurs to me again and again how we are not our personalities.  The human experience we are having is a specified course load that we selected before incarnating. There is no other rational explanation for it.  Does it mean we can’t change it or there isn’t free will?  Not necessarily.  I do think that if you plant an oak seed you get an oak, so similarly you can’t really change the seeds you planted.  But there are certainly different ways to experience it.  An oak tree can’t decide it wants to be a maple tree.  As much as we think we can control and create in this current new age there are parameters.  And there is timing.  The acceptance of timing is a grace filled thing.  If one can accept that their life is unfolding as it should we release a lot of tension.

Sometimes when we take an action it is paving the way for future success.  It required the energy of desire to plant the seed.  We though, cannot predict when the seed comes to fruition.  Is it receiving the right nutrients, is the environment supportive? Maybe the action brought clarity to change to something else.  Non–attachment to outcomes is when we really begin to loosen up and let go.  Our days can become more purposeful yet relaxed.

Then there is the necessity for development.  When we are young, and I mean before 40, there are a lot of things to learn.  We might achingly desire something but we aren’t ready or responsible enough for it.

So these are all the thoughts I have been thinking as I am reading your charts and meeting with you.  It makes me constantly assess the nature of reality and the nature of human experience.

My newest and funnest thing is a new Vedic astrology program has synced with my iphone and tells me when people whose charts I have read are having an astrological event.  As I organize my business I am tracking your dates and will be sending you texts or emails or FB messages, pending on what contact information I have for you, IF you are a current client.

I love this because knowledge is power.  When I know mars is aspecting  my ascendant and I may be aggressive for a few days I know I need to get plenty of exercise and watch my temper.  We don’t become a slave to the astrological information, we work to master and work with the energy.  If I know mars is aspecting my ascendant then I know I will have loads of energy to get things done! It is all perspective. We are not slaves to the astrological energy we are co-creators.

If you are interested in having an astrological consult email or message me.  If your interested and in need of healing or direction I am honored to be of service.  As I wrote recently, you and I complete a circle.  I need you as much as your need me.  I can’t do my work unless I have lots of charts to study and lots of parsing with my clients.

As usual gift certificates are always available.  Appointments can be via skype/facetime /telephone or in person.

Enjoy this holiday season.  Peace, Laura


2 thoughts on “Is it you or your human nature?

  1. This is very helpful, Laura. I have been having a very frustrating week. As you know I just want to go to VA, however no one wants to buy or house or offer me a job. I am trying to be patient,but that is not my best virtue. Just a few minutes ago I was complaining to my co-worker and she said’ Well what do you think the Universe is trying to teach you? Well, patience, obviously. I was hoping by this point that the Universe has figured out that may be a lost cause with me!! Anyway, I appreciate this post. I will try to be more patient and trust the process.

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