Yoga of the Dream time

Sacred language is symbolic.  This is the magic of religion, art, and things like great literature.  We weave tales through music, painting, parables, poetry and our dreams.

The teaching of yoga is that this world is maya, it is an illusion.  The world is a projection of our own consciousness, our larger infinite selves.  A small portion of our eternal being is incarnate in this moment, for a moment.  We are playing at separateness in order to experience the realm of illusion to build spiritual muscles in the various endeavors of this life.

The practice of yoga is to create a conscious connection  with the eternal self that remembers itself as itself.  The part of ourselves that is always connected to the greater whole.

This infinite self speaks to us through our dreams in the language of symbolism.  The Divine and our larger selves also speak to us through the astrology chart, another symbolic expression of the soul’s incarnation intention.  The most blessed and intense work I do is working with my clients unraveling the dream time and the astrological dimensions of the current personality. This is my yoga.  I am steeped in the sacred language of the soul and guide people through the inner realms.

This requires commitment and focus.  When you set aside a specific regular time each week your psyche/soul knows it now has a place to meet you.  If you haven’t dreamt and remembered, with intention you will now begin to remember your dreams.  We then unravel the transmissions from the soul through our work together.  Your soul guides the process.  Transformation and change occur, you enter into a sacred dance.

Contact for astrological consultations and dream yoga sessions.

Namaste, Laura



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