Full Moon in Cancer & The Flow

This full moon cycle has been extra-ordinary for me.  The full moon in cancer is in my first house since I have cancer rising.  I feel like a large part of my Self has come full circle, has come to a culmination and turning point.  I have accepted the path laid before me and finally laid to rest thoughts about a different path.

Cancer is the fourth house karka (indicator) of our home base.  My deepest roots have always been within my own psyche, in the realm of chaos and the feminine.  Since I moved so much and had no literal roots in my youth, my roots were nurtured in the imagination, the mind and psyche/spirit.  Other indicators in my chart place my strength here as well.

This time frame has seen the shift in relationships for everyone, and a solidifying of partnerships has been possible.  For me, it has been amazing to be with someone for thirty years and still be able to go deeper.  I have had friendships re-align during this period and my marriage grow deeper and more committed.  Where have you been in relationships? In your roots?  Have you gone deep into home and re-connected of late? Family, marriage/partnerships, things of the feminine swirling through the watery parts of our lives. Where are you nurtured and how has that been shifted of late?

Enjoy this time and relish your roots and safety where ever you find it.  Consciously recommit to it.  In strong roots we can weather many a storm.

Or maybe your home base has been broken up or you have released some friendships.  This too is positive – in the long run- because it makes space for new relationships that are more nurturing.

My other love of late has been designing a Reiki training that incorporates angelic attunements.  Reiki opens  a larger flow of spiritual energy to flow through you for healing  for yourself and others.  With this training you can open a healing practice or use it to heal yourself and your loved ones.  It can be used to accelerate creations and increases your psychic ability.  As I have been working with my own Reiki practice I noticed where there were pockets of resistance the Reiki wasn’t breaking up.  While Reiki attunements can and do release and clear karmic baggage – it doesn’t change your habitual mindset.  In this case I use the angelic tools which are so powerful and immediate.  For me working with the angels in tandem with Reiki sessions has been more powerful than either alone.

So I have written a Reiki I & II training that I will be offering February  24th & 25th from 10:30 – 3:30pm at the Big White Barn in Readfield.  If your interested in the attunements, contact me to reserve a place.  The training is $500 for a two day – 10 hour course that will include hands on training and practice.  I will also be offering this training May 12 & 13 in Ft. Lauderdale if anyone wants a little sunshine and sand with their Angelic attunements.   If you want to change your life and heal – this is for you.  If you have had Reiki I & II but want a refresher and Angelic attunements this would work for you too.



I will be in North Attelboro MA February 10 & 11 for a weekend of astrology readings.  To book a session text me at 207-446-5999 and I will put you on the schedule and give you the address of where I’ll be.

To book an astrology reading via phone or at my office just reach out.  Keeping an eye on current happenings in your chart or exploring it for the first time is always enlightening business 🙂

February 16-18 Our friends Laurie Curtis and Janet Sawyer are offering a “ME” retreat at the Samoset resort.  There will be yoga, self care and big inspirations to better living.  Contact either of them at 207-441-7916 (Janet) or 207-242-6738 (Laurie) to register.

*For my out of state friends this would be a wonderful restorative get away if you aren’t familiar with the Samoset it is a wonderful sanctuary hotel on the coast of Maine.

On March 17th Our friend Laurie Curtis will also be working with Kate Bedouin offering a work shop for self love, check out the details here:


As always my friends it is an honor to be of service in these beautiful ways.  I appreciate being able to do this work.  Namaste, Laura




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