There is always a remedy

The beauty of Vedic astrology is that there is always a remedy. The beauty in life is that there is always a remedy. There is always something you can do about anything. It doesn’t mean you can necessarily change your circumstance right away. But one can bring themselves to a state of peace.

The teaching in yoga is that life is a dream (maya) of which you are projecting the events from your own consciousness. Everything is a reflection of your own energies that need to be brought to balance. Yoga as a system has devised remedies to do just that. All systems have remedies by the way. I just happen to be proficient in yoga and working with angels. Both highly effective remedies.

There are different kinds of karma and different degrees of karma. There is the full accumulation of karma, then there is the karma that is still ripening so to speak and then there is the bit of your karma that you are living in this lifetime. There are also different degrees of karma. There is karma that is easy to change with little effort. There is karma that is harder to change, it requires a discipline to burn it up and purify it, and then there is said to be karma that cannot be changed but maybe by the grace of God can be softened. Also obviously requiring serious spiritual practices.

One of the most effective remedies is the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (The Healing Chant). It is the oldest known Vedic chant and it is powerful. Back when I worked a regular 9-5 job I would get up in the morning and chant this chant 108 times. It takes about 45 minutes. I would be enveloped in a state of joy and bliss until about noon time. Then I would usually go to my car and fall asleep on my lunch hour or I would do a mudra and meditation. Return to work and then upon arriving home I would go to my meditation space and either chant the chant again or meditate in silence to align myself for the evening. This is what is known as preforming tapas. This is living your yoga off the mat. This is applying the remedies continuously, wrapping yourself in a light practice to be able to maintain a joyful mind.

For most of the years I have taught yoga, 4-6 classes a week, I have mostly played this chant. I have used it exclusively because of its power to bring healing. Now One of the secrets in life is that there is no karma. This is the paradox. All of life happens in an instant. One can pop their head up out of life and see all your “lives” happening in a moment. There is no time. All simply is. The life we are living is an exercise in learning to balance, to master, ones energy. To balance ones energies one applies remedies that will help you to cultivate non-reactivity. In cultivating non-reactivity you stop creating karma. That is the medicine of the healing chant. It helps you to stay in a place of non-reactivity and joy, in my experience. Or one could say it helps you to stay present in the real moment outside the dream of maya or illusion. You step off the track of your consciousness that keeps perceiving the division or karma into the sea of All That Is in a moment.

Thought creates emotion which creates reality as you perceive it. As your thinking mind is constantly running in associative loops you are unconsciously reacting and re–creating the same things over and over. To step out of time and out of re-creation the remedy is music. Chanting specifically. You will find with practice that the chant becomes the underlying chatter – stopping the chain of associative thought and reactivity -again leading you to a place of experiencing the now moment in all its joyful bliss.

If you would like to experience this for yourself I will be teaching the Healing Chant for four Wednesday nights beginning April 11, 18, 25th and May 2nd at 7:30pm at the Big White Barn in Readfield, ME. To sign up go to

Namaste, Laura


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