June 2017

Laura Hamilton has been a friend of mine for some time but it wasn’t until my college age son started to really struggle that her value as a mentoring professional fully came into play.  I can only hope that other families will have the opportunity to engage with her when their college age child struggles!

My son Tyler’s third year of college, he began to get into trouble and his self-esteem plummeted.  Truly I feared for his life as any mother would but Laura encouraged me to bring him to her for mentoring.  I met with them together once then Tyler requested to meet with her on his own.  I was so delighted that he would determine for himself that she could support his moving toward a more positive future. I quickly agreed. His behavior turned around almost immediately and his self-esteem began to grow with each decision he made.

Today Tyler credits his positive moves forward to his conversations with Laura and her no nonsense approach and perspective on both his current behavior and his future.

Lauren W

June 2017

I just spent the most beautiful weekend with my mother! It was filled with such grace, peace, love and compassion.  I am certain that our recent astrology mentoring session, in which we studied my mother’s chart, cultivated this experience.

As you and I reflected on my mother’s chart, I found my perspective shifting.  I could see that the aspects of our relationship that had been challenging to me, had also been lifelong challenges for her.

In this awareness, I felt my compassion deepening.  I felt such gratitude to her for her steadfast commitment to healing these difficult patterns.

As you and I also reflected on the many gifts, blessings, and virtues that were “written” in her chart, I was reminded that we always have the choice of what we focus on.  In that moment, I made the conscious choice to focus on these virtuous qualities in my mother.

I am certain that it was this shift in my perspective, which was fostered by our astrology mentoring sessions, that made this the most exceptionally precious weekend with my mother possible.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and insight! I am to grateful to you!


March 2017

Laura Hamilton’s mentoring skills, counseling skills, and motivational support skills are exceptional.

I am familiar with Laura’s skills in mentoring and motivational support, as I have greatly benefited from them in my personal life.  A few years after I graduated from college, I experienced a traumatic event and was suicidal.  At the time my  mother was traveling and I was alone. In a panic, my mother called Laura to see if she could help. I landed on her doorstep having been crying for days. Laura sat me down and listened to me and somehow stopped the river of tears I had been experiencing for days.

Laura helped me feel safe, listened to and supported during a really difficult period of my life. Laura continued to mentor me for months and helped motivate me to set personal and professional goals, and to begin working toward them.  I would not have made it through this time without her amazing support as a mentor.  I highly recommend her.

Sarah R